Bejenec is an artist name for Daniel Syenichkin which stands for refugee, he took it in 2014 as he comes from Donbass region city of Donetsk which was occupied by pro-russian seperatists.

Bejenec plays only live-acts where he mixes techno/trance/breakbeat etc. making razor sharp tunes which are often could be heard only a couple of times at his live shows and never again

During this years Daniel has been a participants of biggest ukrainian techno festival Brave Factory twice, played all over Ukraine, played his shows in France, Poland, Germany etc. he participated in recent charity nechto event for Ukraine in New York

Bejenec worked a couple of times for Ukrainian fashion week, making a soundtrack for their art instalation in NYC and Tokiyo and designing an audio for a new car presentation at the show

Besides live shows Daniel runs his own small digital label “& the refugees” where he tries to bring up collaborations with non-dance music artists he likes

Christoph Götzen is a German musician, improvisor and performative artist. As the founder and artistic director of Strange Music Festival in Düsseldorf, he also organises cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions.

Through his studies of Jazz Guitar and Free Improvisation at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, he deepened his passion and knowledge for improvisation, experimental and contemporary music.

Incorporating new ideas, sounds, approaches, influences and inspirations from a wide variety of fields into his artistic work is one of his most strongly pursued ideals.

His highlights include collaborations with the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, FFT Düsseldorf, Cooperativa Maura Morales, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Tilted Axes and many more. In addition Christoph initiated numerous free projects, exhibitions and concerts.

Maxime von Koblinksi

is a classical trained vibraphonist and percussionist from Düsseldorf. She studies music at the HfMT Cologne.

Maxime played in numerous ensembles such as „StudioMusikFabrik“, „SPLASH! Ensemble“, Berlin Metropolitan Orchestra (China tour), Opera House Wuppertal, Köln & Düsseldorf and many more.

Additionally, she is engaged in the fields of jazz, chamber music, contemporary and experimental music.

Riad Nassar

is an artist and musician with German-Palestinian roots, based in Düsseldorf.

He mainly works with audio and video signals, which he combines interactively for immersive live performances. His work „The Noise TV Project“, uses audiovisual feedback between a tube TV and a modular synthesiser to generate and shape image and sound with analogue means.

Additionally he works on projects with various artists and ensembles in the fields of visual art, dance, theatre, opera and contemporary music.